I Gave at the Office: On Self-Preservation for Working Moms

working mom

Being a mom, although amazing, can be exhausting. Couple motherhood’s non-stop demands with a full-time job, and, well, you do the Math. Mothers have an innate tendency to put themselves last to begin with, but when the “mommy guilt” of working full-time kicks in, what have you left of yourself for…well….yourself? The importance of not depleting one’s physical and emotional reserves can be equated to the old “oxygen mask” adage.” If you don’t provide the air you need for yourself,...

Top 5 Reasons Why Being an Older Parent Rules

At 43 and change, I became a parent again. Not to a sleepy newborn, but to a walking, talking, 25 pound toddler. (Behold, the wonders of adoption!) Many are quick to point out the downsides of advanced age parenthood. ┬áBeing mistaken for a doting great aunt or (yikes) grandparent surely wouldn’t be fun. Many consider their life plans too inflexible toward middle age. ┬áThe infamous “what age will I be at his/her high school graduation” arithmetic is a big downer,...