I Gave at the Office: On Self-Preservation for Working Moms

December 29, 2017

working mom

Being a mom, although amazing, can be exhausting. Couple motherhood’s non-stop demands with a full-time job, and, well, you do the Math. Mothers have an innate tendency to put themselves last to begin with, but when the “mommy guilt” of working full-time kicks in, what have you left of yourself for…well….yourself? The importance of not depleting one’s physical and emotional reserves can be equated to the old “oxygen mask” adage.” If you don’t provide the air you need for yourself, how will you care for the ones who need you most? And how do you continue to give without depleting one’s sense of self? Here are a few tips to keep a healthy balance and stay afloat:

1.Delegate, Delegate, Delegate: Why is taking on everything ourselves so tempting? When the Hubby wants to pitch in, some kind of inner dialogue has us convinced that perfection can only be achieved by doing it ourselves. But at what cost? Maybe it’s time to give perfect up for teamwork. No, it’s not going to be perfect, and that’s okay!

2. Don’t Overcompensate: Working moms can’t give as much as stay-at-home moms when it comes to school events. Resist the urge to try and dedicate what little is left of your own free time. Instead, donate what you can, when you can. Your kids will appreciate a happy mom, and those tiny, judgy people are the ones we want to be happy, right?

3. Take a Lunch Break: If you have a lunch break, use it. Even if it’s to shut your door (or your virtual door if you’re in a cubicle) and scream silently into a pillow. Not that you keep a pillow at work. That would be weird. Or take 10 cleansing breaths. Don’t be a hero. Eat your sandwich in peace.

4. Little Thing, Big Deal: Each and every day, promise yourself one little thing, and keep your promise. One thing just for you. Whether it’s a quiet walk after dinner, a cup of warm tea, a chapter in a favorite book, a phone call to a friend, or some online window shopping. Keep your promise to yourself.


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