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I Gave at the Office: On Self-Preservation for Working Moms

working mom

Being a mom, although amazing, can be exhausting. Couple motherhood’s non-stop demands with a full-time job, and, well, you do the Math. Mothers have an innate tendency to put themselves last to begin with, but when the “mommy guilt” of working full-time kicks in, what have you left of yourself for…well….yourself? The importance of not depleting one’s physical and emotional reserves can be equated to the old “oxygen mask” adage.” If you don’t provide the air you need for yourself,...

Eat Your Vegetables: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Working fresh veggies into our meals is something I try to do at least a few times a week. When these sweet potatoes are cooking up in the oven, I get requests for samples before dinner is served. That. Is a Veggie. Coup. Honestly, they smell like dessert. And they taste like a sweet treat. Serve them with a savory entrée, like a steak, or some oven baked meatballs, or broiled chicken. I throw any leftovers over some raw chopped kale with...